Thursday, January 24, 2019

Chipper Jones Listed as Second Best Prospect in Baseball

This is an alternative Atlanta Braves history simulation starting with the 1991 season using Out of the Park Baseball. More details on this project can be found on our About Retro Baseball Page

March 1, 1991

Baseball America listed Chipper Jones as the second best prospect in all of baseball. Jones is just 18 and will start the 1991 season in Richmond, the Triple A affiliate of the Braves.

Pedro Martinez, who is in the Dodger organization,  is listed as the #1 overall prospect.

 Here is the top 10:

1) RHP Pedro Martinez, 19, Los Angeles Dodgers
2) SS Chipper Jones, 18, Atlanta Braves
3) C Mike Piazza, 22, Los Angeles Dodgers
4) C Carlos Delgado, 18, Toronto Blue Jays
5) CF Manny Ramirez, 18, Cleveland Indians
6) 3B Jim Thome, 20, Cleveland Indians
7) 2B Jorge Posada, 19, New York Yankees
8) 2B Chuck Knoblauch, 22, Minnesota Twins
 9) 1B Jeff Bagwell, 22, Houston Astros
10) RHP Mike Mussina, 22, Baltimore Orioles

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